5 Best Free Android Apps For Security

With the widespread adoption of Android as the operating system for most smart phones and tablets, there has been an immense amount of security concerns on the users’ privacy and protection from sabotage caused by malware And You can Download Instagram Lite Version Latest. This security attacks on the Android OS has been rapidly growing, hence it is wise for all Android users to install apps that will help ensure the security of their device is not jeopardized. The following lists are 5 best free Android Apps for security:

Avast Free Mobile Security

This security app comes with anti-malware as well as anti-theft protection features. In addition to this, it has browsing protection features that will alerts you when you visit a malicious website. It further, has a privacy advisor for identifying any installed apps that would be using permission that are potentially dangerous. Also it comes with application manager for monitoring running application ensuring they do not compromise your security. It has an incredible firewall and advance anti-theft features for rooted devices. It can run a full scan when prompted to, or it could be set to automatically run a full scan, such a scan will scan all the installed apps found on the phones as well as the SD card.

 Lookout Mobile Security

This free app protection from malware comes with advance features including contacts backup, ability to locate the phone remotely, and having insecurity alarm warning for both tablets and phones. It has the ability to automatically scan all the apps installed on your phone, but unfortunately this full scan will not extend to the SD card. The backup ability let a user to do daily or weekly online backup of contacts to the servers provided by Lookout.

Norton Mobile Security Lite

This is perhaps the most basic of the 5 free Android security app. It basically provides free remote locking and malware protection. It has the ability to run schedule full scan or on demand. This scan will scan the entire phone including the SD card. SMS commands are used to initiate the remote functions on the free version. The downside of the free version is that it doesn’t have SIM card protections and it doesn’t show notifications on changes done remotely.

NQ Mobile Security

It come with fairly many features such as anti-malware capability, browser protection, firewall installation, backup services on contacts, ability of remote location enabled by Google Maps, free privacy advisor that check on apps and their associated permissions, it tracks data usage via a traffic monitor and last but not list, it has been optimized for apps that as well manages the apps. Another incredible feature found on the free version is the SIM card notification alerts which could be set to send notification to another designated mobile number, like a friend’s or spouses. It runs scheduled full scan on the phone as well as the SD cards.

AVG Mobilation Anti-Virus

This app offers security protection for both tablets and phones. It guard against malware attack, warning when visiting harmful websites, and SMS protection ability. It also comes with a couple of remote tools such as ability to locate the device remotely, setting off the alarm, scanning, wiping and locking up the device. In addition to scanning data files on the device, it has a task manager, a wiper for personal data for clearing browsing cache and a tune-up utility that optimizes the performance and extends battery life in addition to managing storage space.